The Keynes Society was founded in 2002, and is the alumni society for Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats. It is for:
  • former members of Cambridge University Liberal Club (1886-1988)
  • former members of Cambridge University Social Democrats (1981-8)
  • former members of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats (1988-present)
  • Cambridge alumni in the Liberal Democrats
Membership lasts for life, and is free.
All alumni are invited to come to our annual summer garden party in May Week, and our annual dinner.
We send all known alumni a quarterly journal, Liberal Voice, which includes details of upcoming events. We are always happy to hear from alumni, so if you have any queries about the society, its history, other people who were in the society, or if you’d just like to be added to the mailing list, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with s e t h t h e v o z (and then the ‘at’ sign) g m a i l d o t c o m

Cambridge University Liberal Club Centenary Dinner with then Leader David Steel. Corpus Christi Hall, 28 Nov 1985Cambridge University Liberal Club Centenary Dinner with then Leader David Steel. Corpus Christi Hall, 28 Nov 1985

Alumni of the society and its predecessors who we have records of include:

  • Harold Abrahams, CULC member, 1924 Olympic gold medallist whom the film Chariots of Fire is based on
  • Kenneth Adam, CULC President 1929-30, Controller of BBC television 1957-61
  • Sir Maurice Amos, CULC Secretary 1892-4, Egyptian judge and British legal academic
  • Ernest William Barnes, CULC committee member 1899-1901, scientist, mathematician, Bishop of Birmingham 1924-1953
  • Martin Bell, CULC Publicity Officer and Librarian 1960, journalist, Independent MP 1997-2001
  • Henry Bellingham, CULC member, Conservative MP 1983-present
  • Anton Bertram, CULC Secretary 1894-5, Attorney-General of Ceylon 1911-18, Chief Justice of Ceylon 1918-25
  • Norman Birkett, CULC member, Liberal MP 1923-4 & 1929-31, barrister, and judge at the Nuremburg trials
  • Roderic Bowen, CULC member, Liberal MP 1945-66
  • William Jethro Brown, CULC committee member 1890-2, Australian jurist and professor of law
  • Sir John Brunner Bt, CULC committee member in 1888, Liberal MP 1906-18 & 1923-4
  • Charles Roden Buxton, CULC committee member 1895-6, Liberal MP in 1910, Labour MP 1922-3 & 1929-31
  • Vincent Cable, elected CULC President in 1964, Lib Dem MP 1997-present, Secretary of State for Business 2010-present
  • Robert Chote, CU Liberal Democrats Chair 1988, Director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies 2002-10, Chairman of the Office of Budget Responsibility 2010-present
  • Greg Clark, CU Social Democrats Chair 1987, Conservative MP 2005-present, Minister of State at the Department for Communities and Local Government 2010-present
  • Peter Cook, CULC member, satirist
  • Dr George Cunningham, CULC committee member 1895-9 & 1915-6, and committee chairman 1901-2, pioneer of preventative dentistry
  • Dame May Curwen, CULC committee member 1913-4, National General Secretary of the YMCA of Great Britain 1930-49, President of the British Council for Aid to Refugees 1962-73
  • Chris Davies, CULC member, Lib Dem MP 1995-1997, and MEP 1999-present
  • Clement Davies, CULC member, Liberal MP 1929-62, Leader of the Liberal Party 1945-56
  • James Conway Davies, CULC Secretary 1915-6, historian and palaeographer
  • Andrew Duff, CULC member, Lib Dem MEP 1999-present
  • Ernest Evans, CULC President 1908-9, judge, Liberal MP 1921-3, 1924-43
  • Lord (Derek) Ezra of Horsham, CULC newsletter editor 1937-8, Chairman of the National Coal Board 1972-1982, Liberal/Lib Dem peer 1981-present
  • Neville Figgis, CULC committee member 1888-9, historian, philosopher and monk
  • Sir Hugh Foot, CULC President 1927-8, diplomat, Governor of Jamaica 1951-7, UK Ambassador to the United Nations 1964-70
  • Charles Geake, CULC Secretary 1889-90, Editor of The Liberal Magazine 1894-1919
  • Chris Grayling, CU Social Democrats committee member 1981-2, Conservative MP 2001-present, Minister of State for Work and Pensions 2010-present
  • Walter Guthrie, CULC Secretary 1888-9, Conservative MP 1899-1906
  • Robert Vernon Harcourt, CULC committee member 1899-1900, playwright, Liberal MP 1908-18
  • Sir Percy Harris, CULC member, Liberal MP 1916-8 & 1922-45; Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party 1933-45
  • Lord (Toby) Harris of Haringey, CULC member, Labour member of the GLA 2000-4, Labour peer since 1998
  • Arthur Hobhouse, CULC Secretary in 1906, founder of the National Parks in England and Wales
  • Geoffrey Howard, CULC Secretary 1897-9, Liberal MP 1906-10, 1911-8, 1923-4, Liberal whip 1911-5
  • David Howarth, CULC committee member 1979-81, Lib Dem MP for Cambridge 2005-10
  • Simon Hughes, CULC member, Lib Dem MP 1983-present, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems 2010-present
  • Dr. Julian Huppert, CSLD Treasurer 1998-9, Lib Dem MP for Cambridge 2010-present
  • Dr. Henry Jackson, CULC President 1897-9, classicist and founder of Cambridge’s modern supervision system
  • Alfred Ravenscroft Kennedy, CULC Secretary 1899-1901, judge, Conservative MP 1924-9
  • John Maynard Keynes, CULC President 1904-5, economist
  • Mervyn King, CULC Treasurer in 1968, Governor of the Bank of England 2003-present
  • Oliver Letwin, CULC member, Conservative MP 1997-present, Minister of State for Policy 2010-present
  • Lord (Selwyn) Lloyd, CULC President 1926, Conservative MP 1945-71, Foreign Secretary 1955-60, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1960-2, Speaker of the House of Commons 1971-6
  • C.F.G. Masterman, CULC Secretary 1895-6, journalist, Liberal MP 1906-14, 1923-4
  • Charles James Mathew, CULC committee member in 1893, Labour MP 1922-3
  • Arnold McNair, CULC Secretary 1907-8, legal scholar, first President of the European Court of Human Rights,  1959-65
  • Edwin Montagu, CULC President 1902-3 (first undergraduate president), Liberal MP 1906-22, Secretary of State for India, 1917-22
  • William Fiddian Moulton, CULC committee member 1894-5, Biblical scholar and educator
  • Michael Nazir-Ali, CULC member, Bishop of Rochester 1994-2009
  • Philip Noel-Baker, CULC committee member 1910-2, Labour MP 1929-31 & 1936-70, cabinet minister 1846-50
  • Sir Frank Newnes Bt, CULC committee member 1895-6, publisher and Liberal MP 1906-10
  • Matthew Parris, CULC member, Conservative MP 1979-86, journalist
  • Lord (Frederick) Pethick-Lawrence, CULC member, Labour MP 1923-31 & 1935-45, Secretary of State for India and Burma 1945-7
  • Arthur Cecil Pigou, CULC member, economist
  • Benjamin Ramm, CSLD Chair 2003, Editor of ‘The Liberal’ magazine 2005-present
  • Michael Ramsey, elected CULC President in 1926, Archbishop of Canterbury 1961-74
  • Andrew Rawnsley, CU Social Democrats newsletter columnist 1982-3, journalist
  • Dennis Holme Robertson, CULC President 1910-1, economist
  • Bertrand Russell, 3rd Earl Russell, CULC Secretary in 1892, philosopher, historian and mathematician
  • Baroness (Nancy) Seear, CULC member, Leader of the Liberal peers 1984-8
  • Sir Geoffrey Shakespeare Bt, CULC President 1920-1, National Liberal MP 1922-3, Liberal MP 1929-31, Liberal National MP 1931-45, junior minister 1932-42
  • John Tresidder Sheppard, CULC President 1907-8 & 1913-4, classicist and Provost of King’s College 1933-54
  • Lord (Chris) Smith of Finsbury, CULC member, Labour MP 1983-2005, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport 1997-2001
  • Sarah Teather, CSLD member, Lib Dem MP 2003-present, Minister of State in the Department for Education 2010-present
  • Harold Tennant, CULC Secretary 1887-8, Liberal MP 1894-1918, Secretary of State for Scotland 1916
  • C.P. Trevelyan, CULC Secretary 1890-2, Liberal MP 1899-1918, Labour MP 1922-31, President of the Board of Education 1924 & 1929-31
  • G.M. Trevelyan, CULC committee member 1898-1900, Whig historian
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams, CULC committee member 1894-5, composer
  • Richard Wainwright, CULC President 1939, Liberal MP 1966-70 & 1974-87
  • Lord (Jim) Wallace of Tankerness, CULC member, Lib Dem MP 1983-2001, Deputy First Minister of Scotland 1999-2005
  • Lord (William) Wallace of Saltaire, CULC President 1962, academic, Lib Dem working peer 1995-present, government whip 2010-present
  • Lord (Alan) Watson of Richmond, CULC President in 1963, television presenter, President of the Liberal Party 1985-6, Lib Dem working peer 1999-present
  • Philip Whitwell Wilson, CULC committee member 1895-6, journalist and Liberal MP 1906-10
  • Herbert George Wood, CULC committee member 1902-3, Quaker theologian
  • Hilton Young, CULC member, Liberal MP 1915-1923, 1924-1926, Conservative MP 1926-35, Minister of Health 1931-5
  • Abdullah Yusuf Ali, CULC committee member 1893-4, Indian Islamic scholar and translator of the Qur’an into English
CSLD 120th anniversary dinner with David Steel, Clare College small hall. 23 November 2005

CSLD 120th anniversary dinner with David Steel, Clare College small hall. 23 November 2005

1 Response to “About us”

  1. 1 Bernard Greaves April 26, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    I am a former officer of and was a member of CULC from 1961 to 1964 and carried on living in Cambridge until 1979 with regular contact with the club and its members.
    I still visit Cambridge regularly, would like to be added to your mailing list, and attend the summer garden party and annual dinner if I can make them.
    Several of my contemporaries went on to be and remain prominent in the party.
    Mant of our political opponents in the University went on to acquire leading positions in the Tory and Labour parties – with disasterous results – including forming a large part of Thatcher’s cabinet
    In 1980 Gordon Lishman and myself wrote “The Theory and Practice of Community Politics” and last year with David Boyle I wrote “The Theory and Practice of Communty Economics” published by ALDC. Much of the contents of both stem from my experience in Cambridge. The former played an important role in the development of the party’s approach to campaigning. We hope the latter may have some influence in its response to the current critical economic and environmental situations, particularly for grass roots activists.

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