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CSLD at Conference

Last week’s Autumn Conference in Birmingham was widely heralded as a great success for the Liberal Democrats, and CSLD can attest to this personally, after a number of officers attended. It was not just an opportunity to reflect on the successes of Lib Dems in Government – from the Green Deal, to the recent and significant changes made to the Healthcare Bill – and look towards the challenges ahead, but an opportunity to consider the strength of the party in Cambridge, too.

The contingency from Cambridge attending Conference was great: students, local party officers, councillors and activists featured, as well as Andrew Duff MEP, former city MP David Howarth, and our current representative Dr. Julian Huppert. All were present at the East of England drinks reception, attended by party president Tim Farron, who rightly congratulated the region for its graft and its achievements.

Julian himself gained prominence at a number of fringe events, and by successfully proposing the motion to Conference on the digital economy; in particular, the need to repeal the failed and draconian elements of the Digital Economy Act, jointly carried by the Tories and Labour through Parliament at the fag end of the last Government. It served as a reminder that Liberal Democrats best represent the protection of civil liberties, a fair judicial system, and effective management of the economy and its actors. These values are firmly embedded within our parliamentary party, the Cambridge branch and CSLD.

Jamie Scott
Jesus College
CSLD Campaigns Director