We are currently researching and writing a history of Cambridge University Liberal Club, spanning 1886 until the present day. As well as offering a comprehensive narrative of the society, this substantial tome will feature the following resources:

  • extracts from the society’s minutebooks and records, covering such controversies as the admission of women in 1909, and the truth about the coup against Chair-Elect Vince Cable in 1965
  • a comprehensive list of all senior officers of the society from 1886 to the present (the version on this website is an uncorrected draft)
  • a comprehensive list of all events since 1886 (again, the version on this website is an uncorrected draft)
  • an index of all parliamentary candidates, of all parties, who have been members of the society (which makes fascinating – if embarrassing – reading for all concerned!)
  • the texts of the Secretaries’ Annual Reports from 1897 to 1915, by such well-known Liberals as John Maynard Keynes.
  • a guide to the small but influential Political Circle of the club from 1897 to 1902, which featured many key Liberals of the Edwardian era
  • photographs
  • and much, much more!

Details will be posted up on this page when it is ready. Until then, much of the basic chronological information unearthed (mainly termcards and lists of officeholders) will be posted to this website.

Anyone interested in the current range of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats’ merchandise can find out more by following the link here.




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