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Lists of officers of the society

After days of gruelling research, a list of all known former Presidents/Chairs, Vice-Presidents, Treasurers and Secretaries of CU Liberal Club, CU Social Democrats, and Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats, is now up and running at 

Some of these records stretch back to the society’s foundation in 1886, and a pretty complete list is available as far back as 1945.

We hope to further extend this information in the coming months, and would welcome all extra information and amendments from alumni.


Peter Cook 1937-1995

Peter Cook in his 1960s heyday

Peter Cook in his 1960s heyday

Anti-establishment satirist and actor Peter Cook was a (fairly inactive) member of Cambridge University Liberal Club in the late 1950s – but there is a curious postscript to this fact.

A group of Liberals who had known Cook at university tried very hard to persuade him (unsuccessfully) to stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate for parliament in Finchley in 1992, to succeed Margaret Thatcher.

Presumably, had he stood, much of his campaign would have been delivered in an E.L. Wisty voice…

Liberal Club termcards, 1886-1985

The website has now been updated with details of many of the old termcards of Cambridge University Liberal Club, with details stretching back to the 1880s, so you can now relive old memories and see exactly who spoke when and where!