All known office-holders are listed – if you can fill in the gaps, please contact the society.

The office of Vice-President of Cambridge University Liberal Club was introduced on a permanent basis by a constitutional amendment in Lent 1947. Previously, the title was used on an ad hoc basis to describe Richard Wainwright’s position in Michaelmas 1938 (before he became President in 1939, when the role became vacant).

List of Vice-Presidents of Cambridge University Liberal Club, 1938-63

    Term Name College
    M1938 Richard S. Wainwright Clare
    L1947 Eric E. Williamson Christ’s
    E1947 R.E. Collins King’s
    M1947 M.S. Crofton Trinity
    L1948 Glyn Tegai Hughes Corpus Christi
    E1948 B.T. Playle Emmanuel
    M1948 Alan Youd Christ’s
    L1949 T. Grenville Jones St. Catharine’s
    E1949 A. Tammadge Emmanuel
    M1949 Ronald G. Waterhouse St. John’s
    L1950 Hugh G.E. Thomas Queens’
    E1950 Miss P. Stanley Girton
    M1950 J.C. Jones (elected, but did not serve)
    Bernard Selby (elected 8/10/1950)
    Sidney Sussex
    L1951 D.J. McGuigan St. Catharine’s
    E1951 D.J. McGuigan St. Catharine’s
    M1951 Miss D. Walton Newnham
    L1952 D.G. Valentine Trinity
    E1952 Geoffrey Vaughan-Davies Fitzwilliam
    M1952 Michael L. Hyndleman Downing
    L1953 Marie Clough Girton
    E1953 Richard G. Moore Trinity
    M1953 Evelyn A.V. Ebsworth King’s
    L1954 Sally P. Randall Newnham
    E1954 Timothy Joyce Clare
    M1954 Timothy Joyce Clare
    L1955 William F.J. Ritchie Trinity
    E1955 Martin D. Rosenhead St. John’s
    M1955 G. Fred Bilson Downing
    L1956 Peter R. Williams Sidney Sussex
    E1956 ?
    M1956 ? ?
    L1957 Clifford German St. John’s
    E1957 Roger Straker Jesus
    M1957 Jennifer Platt Newnham
    L1958 John Parkinson Peterhouse
    E1958 Tony Stowell Trinity
    M1958 Ian Park Queens’
    L1959 Anthony Extance Fitzwilliam
    E1959 Peter A.R. Calvert Queens’
    M1959 Geoffrey Thornton St. Catharine’s
    L1960 G.H.W. Williamson Sidney Sussex
    E1960 Peter Landell-Miller Trinity
    M1960 Barry N. Welch Queens’
    L1961 Peter Cooper Selwyn
    E1961 Iain Fowler Sidney Sussex
    M1961 Roger Harcourt Magdalene
    L1962 William J.L. Wallace King’s
    E1962 David C. Howie Corpus Christi
    M1962 Alan J. Watson Jesus
    L1963 Richard McAllister Christ’s
    E1963 ? ?
    M1963 Bernard Greaves St. John’s

    The office of Vice-President of Cambridge University Liberal Club was dropped in the constitutional reforms of Lent 1964.

List of Vice-Presidents of Cambridge University Social Democrats, 1981-8

    Only one office-holder is known:
    M1982 Munro Price Gonville and Caius

List of Vice-Chairs of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats, 1988-present

    The office of Vice-Chair of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats was briefly introduced at the beginning of Lent 2005, but was dropped again after one term of office. The sole occupant was:

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