List of Cambridge University Liberal Club members

who were Presidents of the Cambridge Union, 1886-1988

The below list contains all known CULC members who were elected President of the Cambridge Union Society, from CULC’s 1886 foundation until its 1988 merger into Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats.

Term Name College
E1859 Oscar Browning (1) King’s
M1873 Arthur Woolgar Verrall (1) Trinity
M1876 R.C. Lehmann (1) Trinity
E1886 Leopold J. Maxse (1) King’s
E1887 Fydell Edmund Garrett Trinity
E1892 T. Anton Bertram Gonville and Caius
E1893 Peter Green St. John’s
E1894 F.G. Thomas Sidney Sussex
L1896 C.F.G. Masterman Christ’s
E1896 Philip Whitwell Wilson Clare
M1896 Frederick Pethwick-Lawrence Trinity
E1897 Charles Roden Buxton Trinity
M1897 Ernest W. Barnes Trinity
L1899 T.F. Robert McDonnell St. John’s
E1899 John R.P. Sclater Emmanuel
L1900 Arthur C. Pigou King’s
M1900 E. Hilton Young Trinity
L1902 David H. Macgregor Trinity
E1902 Percy B. Haigh St John’s
M1902 Edwin S. Montagu Trinity
M1903 J. Corry Arnold St. John’s
E1904 Michael F.J. McDonnell St. John’s
M1904 John Tresidder Sheppard King’s
L1905 Hebert George Wood
John Maynard Keynes
E1905 John Kenneth Mozley Pembroke
M1905 H. Wilson Harris St. John’s
L1908 Matthew M. Pattison Muir Trinity
L1909 Ernest Evans Trinity Hall
E1909 Arnold D. McNair Gonville and Caius
M1909 A. Ramsay Gonville and Caius
M1910 W. Norman Birkett Emmanuel
M1911 Dennis H. Robertson Trinity
E1912 Philip J. Baker King’s
M1912 Hubert Douglas Henderson Emmanuel
L1913 H. Wright Pembroke
M1914 J.H.Barclay Nihill Emmanuel
E1915 Huw Ifor Lloyd Emmanuel
M1915 O.H. Hoexter Emmanuel
L1916 William H. Ramsbottom Emmanuel
E1916 F.O.C. Potter Trinity Hall
E1919 William Lennox McNair Gonville and Caius
M1919 J.W. Morris Trinity Hall
L1920 Geoffrey H. Shakespeare Emmanuel
M1920 Louis A. Abraham Peterhouse
E1921 G. Granville Sharp Fitzwilliam House
M1924 Archie P. Marshall Gonville and Caius
L1926 A. Michael R. Ramsey Magdalene
M1927 J. Selwyn B. Lloyd Magdalene
E1929 Hugh M. Foot St. John’s
M1929 Henry J. Sinclair, 2nd Baron Pentland Trinity
L1930 Kenneth Adam St. John’s
M1934 Emlyn H. Garner Evans Gonville and Caius
M1937 Frank Singleton Emmanuel
M1939 Robert R. Pittam Pembroke
E1942 Harold B. Dunkerley King’s
L1943 Ralph S. Taylor St Catharine’s
L1945 Stanley Clement Davies Trinity Hall
E1949 Paul Curtis-Bennett Christ’s
M1950 Ronald G. Waterhouse St. John’s
L1954 Derick Mirfin Magdalene
L1955 Richard G. Moore Trinity
L1956 Martin D. Rosenhead St. John’s
M1959 Brian Walsh Gonville and Caius
E1965 J. Vincent Cable (2) Fitzwilliam
M1985 David N. Walbank (3) Queens’
L1987 Martin P.N. Tod St. John’s

A complete list of the Presidents of the Cambridge Union Society is available here.


(1) Oscar Browning, Arthur Verrall, R.C. Lehmann and Leopold Maxse were Liberals at the time of their election, and would go on to be founder committee members of CU Liberal Club, but they were elected Union presidents before the Liberal Club’s foundation in 1886.

(2) Technically, Vincent Cable had just resigned from the Liberal Club when he came to serving his term as Union President.

(3) David Walbank was a member of Cambridge University Social Democrats.


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