All known office-holders are listed – if you can fill in the gaps, please contact the society.

List of Secretaries of Cambridge University Liberal Club, 1886-1988

Note: with the exception of 1887-8, there were two joint Secretaries at any one time before 1899.

1886-7 Thomas Arnold Herbert
Fydell Edmund Garrett
St. John’s
1887-8 Harold J. Tennant (resigned 16/05/1888)
Post left vacant for one month
1888-9 T. Anton Bertram
Hugh Norman Ferrers (resigned 12/11/1888)
Walter Murray Guthrie
(elected 12 Nov 1888; resigned 08/12/1888)
Charles Geake (elected 08/12/1888)
Trinity Hall

1889-90 T. Anton Bertram
Charles Geake
1890-1 T. Anton Bertram (resigned 22/01/ 1891)
E. Labouchere R. Thornton
Charles P. Trevelyan
1891-2 Hugh Norman Ferrers
Charles P. Trevelyan
1892-3 Hugh Norman Ferrers BA
P. Maurice M. Sheldon Amos
The Hon. Bertrand A.W.Russell
1893-4 F. G. Thomas
P. Maurice M. Sheldon Amos
James Tait Wardlaw
Sidney Sussex
1894-5 James Tait Wardlaw (resigned 06/12/1894)
F.G. Thomas
Charles P. Trevelyan BA
T. Anton Bertram BA
Sidney Sussex
Sidney Sussex
1895-6 Charles P. Trevelyan BA (resigned 05/05/1896)
F.G. Thomas (resigned 23/01/1896)
C. F. G. Masterman(elected 23/01/1896)
Albert Whiteley (resigned 05/05/1896)
Harold Cooke Gutteridge (elected 05/05/1896)
The Hon. Geoffrey W.A. Howard
(elected 05/05/1896)
Sidney Sussex
Sidney Sussex
St. John’s
1896-7 R. J. McDonnell
Harold Cooke Gutteridge
St. John’s
1897-8 T. F. Robert McDonnell
Reginald Airy MA
The Hon. Geoffrey W.A. Howard
St. John’s
1898-9 Reginald Airy MA
R. Vernon Harcourt (resigned 10/1898)
The Hon. Geoffrey W.A. Howard BA
1899-1900 Alfred Ravescroft Kennedy King’s
1900-1 Alfred Ravescroft Kennedy King’s
1901-2 Edwin S. Montagu Trinity
1902-3 Michael F. J. McDonnell St. John’s
1903-4 John Maynard Keynes King’s
1904-5 John Kenneth Mozley (resigned 02/1905)
James Hodgson Bowe BA
1905-6 C. Ramalinga Reddy St. John’s
1906-7 A. L. Hobhouse (resigned)
A. D. McNair (acting)
1907-8 A. D. McNair Gonville&Caius
1908-9 G. E. Toulmin King’s
1909-10 Geoffrey I. C. Marchand St. John’s
1910-1 William A. C. Brooke King’s
1911-2 Hubert Douglas Henderson Emmanuel
1912-3 J. H. B. Nihill Emmanuel
1913-4 William Lennox McNair Gonville&Caius
1914-5 C. L. Wiseman Peterhouse
1915-6 James Conway Davies (temporary) Emmanuel

Society dormant c.1916-19, in line with many other political societies.

1919-20 G. Granville Sharp Fitzwilliam Hall
1920-1 ? ?
1921-2 T. F. Fox Pembroke
1922-3 Cedric Lanyon-Thornton (resigned, 12/1922)
Archie P. Marshall
Fitzwilliam Hall
1923-4 Joseph Stanley Snowden
John Andrews Benn (Assistant Secretary from 02/1924)
St. John’s
1924-5 John Andrews Benn
J. Selwyn B. Lloyd (Assistant Secretary)
1925-6 J. Selwyn B. Lloyd
K. E. Hughes
“Miss Ashley” (Assistant Secretary)
Corpus Christi
1926-7 Hugh M. Foot St. John’s
1927-8 Henry J. Sinclair, 2nd Baron Pentland Trinity
1928-9 Kenneth Adam St. John’s
1929-30 M. A. Pinney Corpus Christi
1930-1 Ivor Stewart Jehu St. John’s
1931-2 ? ?
1932-3 J. W. Buxton Trinity
1933-4 ? ?
1934-5 ? ?
1935-6 ? ?
1936-7 ? ?
1937-8 Douglas B. Law Selwyn
1938-9 Raymond E. M. Le Goy Gonville&Caius
1939-40 ? ?
1940-1 Harold B. Dunkerley King’s
1941-2 ? ?
1942-3 ? ?
1943-4 ? ?
1944-5 ? ?

By 1945 the role of Secretary, along with other key offices, was elected for each term instead of each academic year.

M1945 Eric E. Williamson Christ’s
L1946 Eric E. Williamson Christ’s
E1946 Eric E. Williamson Christ’s
M1946 Bernard Davies
Gabriel Moschi
L1947 R. E. Collins King’s
E1947 Paul Curtis-Bennett Christ’s
M1947 Glyn Tegai Hughes Corpus Christi
L1948 B. T. Playle Emmanuel
E1948 Alan Youd Christ’s
M1948 T. Grenville Jones St. Catharine’s
L1949 M. C. McCormack Emmanuel
E1949 Ronald G. Waterhouse St. John’s
M1949 Hugh G. E. Thomas Queens’
L1950 Miss P. Stanley Girton
E1950 T. Glynn Jones Downing
M1950 D. J. McGuigan St. Catharine’s
L1951 Edmund Patrick T. Crampton St. Catharine’s
E1951 Christopher N. Frere-Smith Gonville&Caius
M1951 Duncan H. Macintosh Fitzwilliam House
L1952 Derick Mirfin Magdalene
E1952 Derick Mirfin Magdalene
M1952 Michael Anderson Emmanuel
L1953 J. A. ‘Tom’ Welsh Emmanuel
E1953 Evelyn A.V. Ebsworth King’s
M1953 J. W. G. Leigh-Clare Trinity
L1954 Timothy Joyce Clare
E1954 Anthony Lloyd Adams Christ’s
M1954 Geoffrey R. Smedley-Stevenson Clare
L1955 Martin D. Rosenhead St. John’s
E1955 G. Fred Bilson Downing
M1955 Peter R. Williams Sidney Sussex
L1956 Fred Tiffin Fitzwilliam House
E1956 Malcolm W. Ballin Selwyn
M1956 F. Clifford German St. John’s
L1957 Roger N. Straker Jesus
E1957 Jennifer A. Platt Newnham
M1957 John Parkinson Peterhouse
L1958 Anthony A. Stowell Trinity
E1958 Ian Park Queens’
M1958 Tony Extance Fitzwilliam House
L1959 Colin Braham Gonville&Caius
E1959 Geoffrey Thornton St. Catharine’s
M1959 Gordon W. W. Williamson Sidney Sussex
L1960 Jonathan R. Tinker Peterhouse
E1960 Peter Johnson Pembroke
M1960 Peter Cooper Selwyn
L1961 Iain Fowler Sidney Sussex
E1961 Roger Harcourt Magdalene
M1961 Ian Gordon Queens’
L1962 Peter Roberts Emmanuel
E1962 Michael Halop Christ’s
M1962 Richard A. McAllister Gonville&Caius
L1963 Barry Girling Trinity Hall
E1963 Bernard Greaves St. John’s
M1963 Michael Thorn Corpus Christi
L1964 Martin Durrell ?
E1964 Claire Tarjan New Hall
M1964 Malcolm MacCallum King’s
L1965 Malcolm MacCallum King’s
E1965 D.J. Alex Pitts ?
M1965 D.J. Alex Pitts ?
L1966 Chris Cook (resigned 23/2/1966) St. Catharine’s
E1966 Paul Odgers Trinity
M1966 Malcolm Downie Jesus
L1967 Rosalind Johnston Newnham
E1967 Peter Worboys Selwyn
M1967 Robert K. Home St. Catharine’s
L1968 Robert K. Home St. Catharine’s
E1968 Gordon Slater Gonville&Caius
M1968 David Mezzetti Jesus
L1969 Neil Simmons Clare
E1969 Gordon Slater Gonville&Caius
M1969 Stephen Mason Gonville&Caius
L1970 Peter Sedgwick Trinity Hall
E1970 Philip Ford King’s
M1970 Colin Rosenstiel Trinity
L1971 M. John Haynes Christ’s
E1971 L.A. Younger Queens’
M1971 John O. Bond Downing
L1972 Wade Gibson-Knight Pembroke
E1972 ? ?
M1972 Colin F. Moore Trinity
L1973 ? ?
E1973 Richard D. Green Downing
M1973 David Tranter Churchill
L1974 David Tranter Churchill
E1974 David Tranter Churchill
M1974 David Tranter Churchill
L1975 Ken MacKinnon ?
E1975 Martin Garside Downing
M1975 Andrew Vos Jesus
L1976 George Spencer Magdalene
E1976 John Death Queens’
M1976 Chris Wilding Trinity
L1977 Carol Tormey Trinity
E1977 David Cooper Peterhouse
M1977 Sarah Bourne Selwyn
L1978 Philip Gibbs St. John’s
E1978 ? ?
M1978 Paul James Jesus
L1979 Paul James Jesus
E1979 Nick Alexander Downing
M1979 Nick Alexander Downing
L1980 Alan Moore Girton
E1980 Cathy Parr ?
M1980 John Beesley ?
L1981 David Capron Peterhouse
E1981 M. Smith (resigned) ?
M1981 Stephen Greasley Trinity
L1982 Nicholas Holgate Trinity
E1982 Nigel Howlett Trinity
M1982 Nigel Howlett Trinity
L1983 Nigel Howlett Trinity
E1983 Malcolm Baines Selwyn
M1983 Chris Read Peterhouse
L1984 Stephen Pallister Downing
E1984 Stephen Pallister Downing
M1984 Andy Loader Christ’s
L1985 Louis Bezodis St. Catharine’s
E1985 Martin Pierce Jesus
M1985 Kate Arnheim St. Catharine’s
L1986 Andy Thomas Peterhouse
E1986 Andy Thomas Peterhouse
M1986 Michelle Cridge (later Sutton) St. Catharine’s
L1987 Jane Wheeler (later Dickson) Queens’
E1987 Jane Wheeler (later Dickson) Queens’
M1987 ? ?
L1988 ? ?

List of Secretaries of Cambridge University Social Democrats, 1981-8

M1981 ? ?
L1982 ? ?
E1982 ? ?
M1982 Tim Curtis St. John’s
L1983 Miss E. M. Taylor Sidney Sussex
E1983 A.D. Panton (resigned 21/10/1983)
Chris Reilly
St. John’s
M1983 Chris Reilly St. John’s
L1984 Chris Reilly St. John’s
E1984 T. Saunders Trinity
M1984 Roderick R. Graham Magdalene
L1985 Roderick R. Graham Magdalene
E1985 Simon Glynn Trinity
M1985 David Lees Girton
L1986 ? ?
E1986 ? ?
M1986 ? ?
L1987 ? ?
E1987 ? ?
M1987 ? ?
L1988 ? ?

List of Secretaries of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats, 1988-present

L1988 ? ?
E1988 ? ?
M1988 ? ?
L1989 ? ?
E1989 ? ?
M1989 ? ?
L1990 ? ?
E1990 ? ?
M1990 ? ?
L1991 Stephen Howarth ?
E1991 ? ?
M1991 ? ?
L1992 ? ?
E1992 ? ?
M1992 ? ?
L1993 ? ?
E1993 Andrew Evans ?
M1993 Andrew Evans ?
L1994 Andrew Evans ?
E1994 A. Havard M. Hughes St. John’s
M1994 A. Havard M. Hughes St. John’s
L1995 A. Havard M. Hughes St. John’s
E1995 Brian Maclaughlin Girton
M1995 Brian Maclaughlin (resigned)
Dave Hinton (acting)
L1996 Dave Hinton (resigned)
Richard Taylor
E1996 Richard Taylor Peterhouse
M1996 Jonathan Jarrett Pembroke
L1997 Jonathan Jarrett Pembroke
E1997 Jonathan Jarrett Pembroke
M1997 Laura R. Edge Clare
L1998 Laura R. Edge Clare
E1998 Laura R. Edge Clare
M1998 Laura R. Edge Clare
L1999 Laura R. Edge Clare
E1999 Laura R. Edge Clare
M1999 Miriam Moules Peterhouse
L2000 Miriam Moules Peterhouse
E2000 Debbie Standing (later Enever) King’s
M2000 Debbie Standing (later Enever) King’s
L2001 Joe Kroll King’s
E2001 Joe Kroll King’s
M2001 Joe Kroll Selwyn
L2002 Joe Kroll Selwyn
E2002 ? ?
M2002 ? ?
L2003 ? ?
E2003 Benjamin Ramm St. Catharine’s
M2003 Benjamin Ramm St. Catharine’s
L2004 Sam J. P. Skinner (later Corio) Queens’
E2004 Sam J. P. Skinner (later Corio) Queens’
M2004 Gwawr Thomas Trinity Hall
L2005 Gwawr Thomas Trinity Hall
E2005 Gwawr Thomas Trinity Hall
M2005 Gwawr Thomas Trinity Hall
L2006 Duncan A. Crowe Sidney Sussex
E2006 Henry P. Vann Gonville&Caius
M2006 Henry P. Vann Gonville&Caius
L2007 Majeed Neky Emmanuel
E2007 Joe F. Jordan Sidney Sussex
M2007 Joe F. Jordan Sidney Sussex
L2008 Joe F. Jordan Sidney Sussex
E2008 Ruth Everness Girton
M2008 Ruth Everness Girton
L2009 Ruth Everness Girton
E2009 Aditya Sihag Homerton
M2009 Aditya Sihag Homerton
L2010 James Baker Corpus Christi
E2010 James Baker Corpus Christi
M2010 Catherine S. Gregory Queens’
L2011 Catherine S. Gregory Queens’
E2011 Chris Teskey Sidney Sussex
M2011 Chris Teskey Sidney Sussex

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