All known office-holders are listed – if you can fill in the gaps, please contact the society.

For its first 11 years, the society was headed by a President, who would be a ceremonial figure well-established in politics, and would deliver the annual presidential lecture between March and May of the academic year.

List of Presidents of Cambridge University Liberal Club,1886-97

1886-7 The Rt. Hon. William Ewart Gladstone MP, MA (Oxon), LLD (Cantab), DCL (Oxon), DL, FRS, FSS Christ Church, Oxon
1887-8 The Rt. Hon. Sir George Otto Trevelyan MP, MA (Cantab), LLD (Cantab), DCL (Oxon), DL, Bt Trinity
1888-9 The Rt. Hon. John Spencer, 5th Earl Spencer KG, MA (Cantab), LLD (Cantab), DCL (Oxon) Trinity
1889-90 Sir Charles Russell MP, MA (Dublin), GCMG. QC Trinity, Dublin
1890-1 Prof. James Bryce MP, BA (Glasgow), MA (Oxon), LLD (Cantab), DCL (Oxon), FRS, FBA Trinity, Oxon
1891-2 The Rt. Hon. Sir William Harcourt MP, MA (Cantab), FRS, QC Trinity
1892-3 The Rt. Hon. George Robinson, 1st Marquess of Ripon KG, GCSI, CIE, DL, JP, DCL (Oxon)
1893-4 The Rt. Hon. H. H. Fowler MP, DL, JP
1894-5 The Rt. Hon. Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery KG, MA (Oxon) Christ Church, Oxon
1895-6 The Rt. Hon. H. H. Asquith MP, QC, BA (Oxon) Balliol, Oxon
1896-7 The Rt. Hon. Robert Crewe-Milnes, 1st Earl of Crewe, MA (Cantab), FSA Trinity

Before 1897, the society also had a Chairman of the Committee. While the committee was directly elected by the members, the committee elected the Chairman from among themselves. A continuous majority of fellows over students on the committee more or less guaranteed that the Chairman would be a senior member of the university.

List of Chairmen of Cambridge University Liberal Club,1886-97

1886-7 The Hon. and Rev. Arthur T. Lyttelton MA (Cantab) Selwyn
1887-8 The Hon. and Rev. Arthur T. Lyttelton MA (Cantab) (resigned 19/11/1887)
Dr. Henry Jackson MA (Cantab), LittD (Cantab) (elected 25/11/1887)
1888-9 Dr. Henry Jackson MA (Cantab), LittD (Cantab) Trinity
1889-90 M.M. Pattison Muir MA (Cantab) Gonville and Caius
1890-1 Dr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin) Trinity
1891-2 Dr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin) Trinity
1892-3 Dr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin) Trinity
1893-4 Dr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin) Trinity
1894-5 Dr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin) Trinity
1895-6 Dr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin) Trinity
1896-7 Dr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin) Trinity

Until his removal in November 1896, Oscar Browning had dominated the day-to-day running of the society in his capacity as Treasurer. In 1897, the roles of President and Chairman were merged to fill the void caused by Browning’s removal, so that the presidency was now adopted by a senior member of the university.

List of Presidents of Cambridge University Liberal Club,1897-1902

1897-8 Dr. Henry Jackson MA (Cantab), LittD (Cantab) Trinity
1898-9 Dr. Henry Jackson MA (Cantab), LittD (Cantab) Trinity
1899-1900 Matthew M. Pattison Muir MA (Cantab) Gonville and Caius
1900-1 Matthew M. Pattison Muir MA (Cantab) Gonville and Caius
1901-2 Dr. Donald MacAlister MA (Cantab), MD (Cantab) St. John’s

A constitutional change on 21 October 1902 further reformed the post of President, opening it up to those in statu pupillari. As such, it became the norm for students to become President, although some pre-World War I Presidents such as Donald MacAlister were still academics. The role was elected for one academic year, and remained so until 1945.

List of Presidents of Cambridge University Liberal Club,1902-71

1902-3 The Hon. Edwin Montagu BA (Cantab) Trinity
1903-4 Michael F. J. McDonnell St. John’s
1904-5 John Maynard Keynes BA (Cantab) King’s
1905-6 John Kenneth Mozley Pembroke
1906-7 Donald MacAlister MA (Cantab) (resigned)
John Tressider Sheppard
1907-8 John Tresidder Sheppard King’s
1908-9 Ernest Evans Trinity Hall
1909-10 G. E. Toulmin (resigned)
Geoffrey I. C. Marchand
St. John’s
1910-1 Dennis H. Robertson Trinity
1911-2 William A. C. Brooke King’s
1912-3 Hubert D. Henderson Emmanuel
1913-4 John Tresidder Sheppard King’s
1914-5 Philip Vos Gonville and Caius
1915-6 Louis A. Abraham (resigned, Michaelmas 1915)
Dr. Henry Bond BA (Lond), MA (Cantab), LLD (Cantab)
Trinity Hall

(Society dormant during the latter part of World War I, in line with many other political societies. After 1 March 1916, there seem to have been no meetings held until Michaelmas 1919.)

1919-20 Sydney Cope Morgan Trinity
1920-1 G. Granville Sharp Fitzwilliam Hall
1921-2 Walter Leslie Runciman Trinity
1922-3 W.D. Johnston (resigned, 12/1922)
T. Graeme N. Haldane
1923-4 Archie P. Marshall Gonville and Caius
1924-5 Charles A. Beaumont Jesus
1925-6 John Andrews Benn (resigned 23/10/1925)
J. Selwyn B. Lloyd (resigned 25/02/1926)
A. Michael Ramsey
Gonville and Caius
1926-7 A. Michael Ramsey (resigned 12/1926)
Robert E. Stevenson
St. John’s
1927-8 Hugh M. Foot St. John’s
1928-9 Henry J. Sinclair, 2nd Baron Pentland Trinity
1929-30 Kenneth Adam St. John’s
1930-1 Robert E. Swartwout Trinity
1931-2 Ralph Kilner Brown Trinity Hall
1932-3 John G. Walker Queens’
1933-4 Emlyn H. Garner Evans (resigned)
D. L. Gregory
Gonville and Caius
St. John’s
1934-5 B. D. G. Little Jesus
1935-6 E. R. Murphy Fitzwilliam House
1936-7 J. N. Emery St. John’s
1937-8 W. Douglas Maylor Emmanuel
1938-9 Douglas B. Law (resigned 12/1938)
Richard S. Wainwright
1939-40 Robert R. Pittam Pembroke
1940-1 M. Lyth Clare
1941-2 Harold B. Dunkerley King’s
1942-3 Ralph S. Taylor St. Catharine’s
1943-4 D. D. Goldberg Christ’s
1944-5 D. D. Goldberg Christ’s
1945-6 D. D. Goldberg (resigned 19/11/1945)
Philip M. Syrett

(In 1946, the role of President was changed to a termly post)

M1946 Eric E. Williamson Christ’s
L1947 James D. Priestman Christ’s
E1947 James D. Priestman Christ’s
M1947 Paul Curtis-Bennett Christ’s
L1948 M. S. Crofton Trinity
E1948 Glyn Tegai Hughes Corpus Christi
M1948 Glyn Tegai Hughes (resigned)
Alan Youd
Corpus Christi
L1949 Alan Youd Christ’s
E1949 T. Grenville Jones St. Catharine’s
M1949 M. C. McCormack Emmanuel
L1950 Ronald G. Waterhouse St. John’s
E1950 Hugh G. E. Thomas Queens’
M1950 T. Glynn Jones Downing
L1951 F. Bernard Selby Sidney Sussex
E1951 Edmund Patrick T. Crampton St. Catharine’s
M1951 D .J. McGuigan St. Catharine’s
L1952 Michael B. Sexton Sidney Sussex
E1952 D. G. Valentine Trinity
M1952 Derick Mirfin Magdalene
L1953 Michael Anderson Emmanuel
E1953 J. A. ‘Tom’ Welsh Emmanuel
M1953 Richard G. Moore Trinity
L1954 Evelyn A. V. Ebsworth King’s
E1954 Sally P. Randall Newnham
M1954 D. V. Thomas (election invalided)
Thomas G. C. M. Taylour, Earl of Bective
L1955 Timothy Joyce Clare
E1955 William F. J. Ritchie Trinity
M1955 Martin D. Rosenhead St. John’s
L1956 G. Fred Bilson Sidney Sussex
E1956 Peter R. Williams Sidney Sussex
M1956 Fred Tiffin Fitzwilliam House
L1957 Malcolm W. Ballin Selwyn
E1957 F. Clifford German St. John’s
M1957 Roger N. Straker Jesus
L1958 Jennifer Platt Newnham
E1958 John Parkinson Peterhouse
M1958 Anthony A. Stowell Trinity
L1959 Ian G. Park Queens’
E1959 Tony H. Extance Fitzwilliam House
M1959 Peter A. R. Calvert Queens’
L1960 David E. Lea Christ’s
E1960 David Gaine Gonville and Caius
M1960 Anne Domb Newnham
L1961 Barry N. Welch Queens’
E1961 Peter H. M. Cooper Selwyn
M1961 Pierre ‘Peter’ Landell-Mills Trinity
L1962 Roger Harcourt Magdalene
E1962 William J. L. Wallace King’s
M1962 David C. Howie Corpus Christi
L1963 Alan J. Watson Jesus
E1963 Richard McAllister Gonville and Caius
M1963 Barry F. Girling Trinity Hall
L1964 Christopher M. Mason Magdalene
E1964 J. Vincent Cable (elected, but did not serve)
Jon Green
Fitzwilliam House
M1964 Claire Tarjan Sidney Sussex
L1965 Claire Tarjan Sidney Sussex
E1965 Claire Tarjan Sidney Sussex
M1965 Malcolm MacCallum King’s
L1966 Tim Upton ?
E1966 Peter Johnson Fitzwilliam
M1966 Paul Odgers Trinity
L1967 David W. Radford Selwyn
E1967 Rosalind Johnston Newnham
M1967 Peter Worboys Selwyn
L1968 Brian Lomax Pembroke
E1968 Robert K. Home St. Katharine’s
M1968 Janice Lennon (née Gupta) New Hall
L1969 David Mezzetti Jesus
E1969 David White Gonville and Caius
M1969 Richard H. Shearman Downing
L1970 Stephen Mason Gonville and Caius
E1970 ? ?
M1970 Tim Jones Jesus
L1971 Andrew Gore Gonville and Caius
E1971 ? ?

Note: from Michaelmas 1971 onwards, the President was replaced with a Chair or Chairperson.

List of Chairs of Cambridge University Liberal Club, 1971-88

M1971 Peter Harvey Queens’
L1972 John R. Watson Jesus
E1972 John Haynes Christ’s
M1972 John Hughes Churchill
L1973 George Brinney Peterhouse
E1973 M. J. Dobson St. Catharine’s
M1973 Richard D. Green Darwin
L1974 A. Sandy B. Walkington
M. J. Dobson
Trinity Hall
St. Catharine’s
E1974 Roger Karn ?
M1974 Roger Karn ?
L1975 J. Dobson ?
E1975 Richard J. Allanach Gonville and Caius
M1975 Andrew P.V. Lee Peterhouse
L1976 Michael Hart Emmanuel
E1976 Andrew Vos Jesus
M1976 Martin Garside Downing
L1977 Chris Wilding Trinity
E1977 Phil John Downing
M1977 Chris Locke (co-chair)
Max King (co-chair)
L1978 Campbell Gordon Trinity
E1978 Philip Gibbs St. John’s
M1978 Caroline Baker Newnham
L1979 David Cooper Emmanuel
E1979 Alan Newman Peterhouse
M1979 Vaughan Emsley Peterhouse
L1980 Simon Wales Corpus Christi
E1980 Jon Hunt St. John’s
M1980 Cathy Seddon-Parr ?
L1981 James Greenbury Gonville and Caius
E1981 David Capron Peterhouse
M1981 Nick Holgate Trinity
L1982 Nigel Howlett Trinity
E1982 David Paton ?
M1982 Chris Grant (resigned – post left vacant) ?
L1983 Ian Bond Emmanuel
E1983 Alan Beggs Christ’s
M1983 Malcolm Baines Selwyn
L1984 Chris Read Peterhouse
E1984 Don McBey Downing
M1984 Stephen Pallister Downing
L1985 Andy Loader Christ’s
E1985 Louis Bezodis St. Catharine’s
M1985 Martin Pierce Jesus
L1986 Kate Arnheim St. Catharine’s
E1986 Sam Tulley Robinson
M1986 Andy Thomas Peterhouse
L1987 Michelle Cridge (later Sutton) St. Catharine’s
E1987 Nicholas Whyte Clare
M1987 Jane Wheeler (later Dickson) Queens’
L1988 Kathryn Robinson New Hall

After Lent 1988, Cambridge University Liberal Club merged with Cambridge University Social Democrats, to form what was then provisionally called Cambridge University Social and Liberal Democrats. The name changed to Cambridge University Liberal Democrats in 1989, and finally settled on Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats in 1991.

List of Presidents of Cambridge University Social Democrats, 1981-8

M1981 Timothy Brittain-Catlin Trinity
L1982 Timothy Brittain-Catlin Trinity
E1982 Timothy Brittain-Catlin Trinity
M1982 Paul Jessop Trinity Hall
L1983 Tim Curtis St. John’s
E1983 Munro Price Gonville and Caius
M1983 Munro Price Gonville and Caius
L1984 Elizabeth Taylor Sidney Sussex
E1984 Ann Kane Girton
M1984 Diana France Girton
L1985 Peter J. W. Golden Magdalene
E1985 R. Rory Graham Magdalene
M1985 R. Rory Graham Magdalene
L1986 Simon Glynn Trinity
E1986 Jamie Murray St. John’s
M1986 Kate Cohen St. John’s
L1987 Kate Cohen St. John’s
E1987 Greg D. Clark Magdalene
M1987 Greg D. Clark Magdalene
L1988 Robert Chote Queens’

List of Chairs of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats, 1988-present

tr>M2012Anthony W. Martinelli BA (Cantab)Gonville and Caius

E1988 Lee Berridge Clare
M1988 Robert Chote Queens’
L1989 Jason Arram ?
E1989 Stephen Warde ?
M1989 Stephen Warde ?
L1990 ? ?
E1990 Kevin Wilkins Queens’
M1990 Kevin Wilkins Queens’
L1991 Alistair Lees ?
E1991 David Abrahams Queens’
M1991 David Abrahams Queens’
L1992 David Abrahams Queens’
E1992 ? ?
M1992 ? ?
L1993 Eduardo Reyes Clare
E1993 Eduardo Reyes Clare
M1993 Daniel Elkeles Pembroke
L1994 Daniel Elkeles Pembroke
E1994 Daniel Elkeles Pembroke
M1994 Anna de Chassiron Gonville & Caius
L1995 Donna Maria Coleston (later Shields) (resigned)
Anna de Chassiron
New Hall
Gonville & Caius
E1995 Anna de Chassiron Gonville & Caius
M1995 A. Havard M. Hughes St. John’s
L1996 Jon May St. John’s
E1996 Tanya Sheridan Gonville and Caius
M1996 Tanya Sheridan (acting chair) Gonville and Caius
L1997 Tanya Sheridan (acting chair – resigned 25/2/97)
Katherine Kirkham
Gonville and Caius
Trinity Hall
E1997 Katherine Kirkham Trinity Hall
M1997 Alex Marthews St. John’s
L1998 Julian L. Huppert Trinity
E1998 Julian L. Huppert Trinity
M1998 Chris Lomax Corpus Christi
L1999 Chris Lomax Corpus Christi
E1999 Chris Lomax Corpus Christi
M1999 Chris Lomax Corpus Christi
L2000 Jonathan R. Monroe (resigned 11/2000)
Chris Keating
St. John’s
E2000 Chris Keating St. John’s
M2000 Chris Keating St. John’s
L2001 Chris Keating St. John’s
E2001 Emma Jones New Hall
M2001 Emma Jones New Hall
L2002 Simon W. Radford Peterhouse
E2002 Simon W. Radford Peterhouse
M2002 Simon W. Radford Peterhouse
L2003 Simon W. Radford Peterhouse
E2003 Simon W. Radford Peterhouse
M2003 Jonathan R. Monroe BA (Cantab) Trinity
L2004 Benjamin Ramm (resigned 03/2004) St. Catharine’s
E2004 Mark C. Gettleson King’s
M2004 Mark C. Gettleson King’s
L2005 Mark C. Gettleson King’s
E2005 Mark C. Gettleson (term expired)
Seth R. Alexander Thévoz
M2005 Seth R. Alexander Thévoz Clare
L2006 Sam J. Dennis Peterhouse
E2006 Sam J. Dennis (term expired)
Luke C. A. Gardiner
Corpus Christi
M2006 Luke C. A. Gardiner Corpus Christi
L2007 Henry P. Vann Gonville and Caius
E2007 Henry P. Vann (term expired)
Duncan A. Crowe
Gonville and Caius
Sidney Sussex
M2007 Duncan A. Crowe Sidney Sussex
L2008 Duncan A. Crowe Sidney Sussex
E2008 Duncan A. Crowe (term expired)
Joe Rinaldi Johnson
Sidney Sussex
M2008 Joe Rinaldi Johnson Homerton
L2009 Joe Rinaldi Johnson Homerton
E2009 Joe Rinaldi Johnson (term expired)
Dom A. Weldon
Sidney Sussex
M2009 Dom A. Weldon Sidney Sussex
L2010 Dom A. Weldon Sidney Sussex
E2010 Dom A. Weldon (term expired)
Hannah E. Keal
Sidney Sussex
Gonville and Caius
M2010 Hannah E. Keal Gonville and Caius
L2011 Hannah E. Keal Gonville and Caius
E2011 Hannah E. Keal (term expired)
Ieva Lismane
Gonville and Caius
Murray Edwards
M2011 Ieva Lismane Murray Edwards
L2012 Ieva Lismane Murray Edwards
E2012 Anthony W. Martinelli BA (Cantab) Gonville and Caius

Since c.1990, instead of committee positions being elected termly, they have been elected twice a year, for Lent, and for Easter/Michaelmas.

The large recent number of office-holders whose terms expired in Easter is because of a constitutional change made in December 2003. Since local/general/European elections fall almost every year in Cambridge mid-Easter Term, the Chair in Lent Term stays on for the first few weeks of Easter Term until election day, so as to provide some continuity during the campaign. No other committee position is subject to this slightly eccentric timing.


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