Dr. Henry Bond BA (London), MA (Cantab), LLD (Cantab) (1853-1938)

President, Cambridge University Liberal Club, Lent 1916

From his obituary in The Times, Wednesday 8 June 1938:

“Dr. Henry Bond, Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, from 1919 to 1929, who died on Monday, was a native of Cambridge, being the only son of Mr. William Bond, who was a magistrate of the Borough and on the Town Council and the Board of Guardians.

“Henry Bond was [born on 19 September 1853 and was] educated at Amersham Hall School, Reading, and afterwards at University College, London, before going up to Trinity Hall in October, 1873. As an undergraduate he was noted for his vivacity and vigour and cheerfulness. His light weight singled him out as a cox of his College first boat, in which capacity he earned a great reputation for skill and judgement…His special studies were Law and History. He was senior in the Law Tripos of 1876, and in the History Tripos of 1877 he was placed second in the first class. He also obtained the Chancellor’s Legal Medal in 1877. He had previously won the Members’ Prize for an Essay on German influence in English Literature ; for this he was specially fitted as at this time he spent part of every year in Germany and was in touch with all that was best in German thought…

“In 1886 he was elected to a Lectureship in Roman Law at Trinity College, a post which he held with distinction for 30 years.  In 187 he was elected to a Fellowship at Trinity Hall, and to the Lectureship there in Roman Law, which became vacant in 1888. In that year he took his L.L.D. degree…He was elected to the Mastership in January 1919, in succession to Mr. Beck, who died in 1916 – the post remaining vacant till the close of the War. He still retained his lectureship. In 1922 he was elected a Bencher of te Middle Temple…

“Two Prime Ministers, General J.C. Smuts and Mr. S.M. Bruce, were among his pupils…

“He wrote only a few papers and book reviews, but enough to show that under other circumstances he might have been a much more prominent writer…

“It was a tribute to his unageing youthfulness that in 1920 he was elected to the council of the senate of the University, his name being put forward by a group of junior graduates, nominally under 40, as the head of a house whom they regarded as most in sympathy with their point of view. It was to their great regret that ill-health compelled him to reign this position in 1922.

“He married in 1903 Mary, eldest daughter of the late Dr. E.S. Shuckburgh, of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. She died in 1934. He left one son and two daughters.”

Dr. Bond took over as President of the society in 1916 after his predecessor Louis Abraham joined the army, but Bond served only a term before the society was suspended for the rest of the war.

Dr. Bond was the last ever Fellow to serve as President of the society – after its refoundation in 1919, it would always be led by a student.


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