All known office-holders are listed – if you can fill in the gaps, please contact the society.

Cambridge Students’ Union (CSU) was founded in 1971, and was renamed Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) from 1985.

List of members elected as Cambridge Students’ Union/Cambridge University Students’ Union sabbatical officers

1975-6 President Alastair Begg Sidney Sussex
1978-9 President
Deputy President
Charles Burch
Alan Newman
1979-80 President
Deputy President
Jon Hunt
Tom Fish
St. John’s
1981-2 President Nick Alexander Downing
1982-3 Deputy President Nick Holgate Trinity
1984-5 Deputy President Martin P. N. Tod St. John’s
1985-6 Deputy President (Services)
Deputy President (Welfare)
Andy Loader
Tanya Pein
1986-7 President
Deputy President (Services)
Michael Black
Louis Bezodis
St. Catharine’s
1987-8 Deputy President (Services)
Deputy President (Welfare)
Chris Lowe
David Lees
St. Catharine’s
1988-9 President
Deputy President (Services)
Catherine Brown
Lee Berridge
1989-90 President
Deputy President (Services)
Deputy President (Comms)
Kathryn Robinson
Nicholas Whyte
Suzanne Gill
New Hall
New Hall
1993-4 Deputy President (Welfare) Mark Goodrich Trinity Hall
1994-5 Deputy President (Services) Eduardo Reyes Clare
1995-6 Vice-President (Services) Neil Bentley Gonville & Caius
2001-2 Vice-President (Services)
Vice-President (Academic)
Stewart P. Morris
Mike J. Bourke
2005-6 Vice-President (Welfare) Vicki C. Mann Sidney Sussex
2012-3 CUSU Coordinator Dom A. Weldon Sidney Sussex
2013-4 CUSU Coordinator Dom A. Weldon Sidney Sussex

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