Lent 1886
  • March 1886 – preliminary discussions began between university dons including Oscar Browning and students including Leopold Maxse, to negotiate the founding of a Cambridge University Liberal Club.
Michaelmas 1886
  • Monday 22 November 1886 – constitution drafted at first meeting. Former Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone elected as first President, with the Master of Selwyn the Hon. and Rev. A.T. Lyttelton chairing the meeting.

Lent 1887

Easter 1887

  • Thursday 19 May 1887 – Prof. A.V. Dicey, jurist and Professor of Law, on ‘the British constitution.’
  • Friday 10 June 1887 – short-lived Liberal Unionist splinter group set up.

Michaelmas 1887

Lent 1888

  • Wednesday 29 February 1888 – W.S. Robson, barrister and former MP, on ‘Home Rule’, followed by Cyril Flower MP, former Junior Lord of the Treasury.

Easter 1888

  • Thursday 14 June 1888 – After the scheduled speaker, the historian Prof. E.A. Freeman fell ill, the meeting was instead used to deal with the club’s private business.

Michaelmas 1888

  • Sunday 11 November 1888 – Prof. James Stuart MP, Fellow of Trinity and mathematician.
  • Friday 16 November 1888 – first joint meeting with the Eighty Club, a nationwide Liberal society dedicated to further education. Speakers: The Hon. Philip Stanhope, and Liberal candidate R.C. Lehmann. (Devonshire assembly rooms)
  • Thursday 22 November 1888 – Meeting (speaker unknown).
  • Friday 7 December 1888 – Sir Edward Grey Bt MP, youngest member of the House of Commons, and W.R. Kennedy QC.

Lent 1889

Easter 1889

Michaelmas 1889



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